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Located at 520 W State Road 436, Suite 1126, Altamonte Springs, FL 32714, our restaurant offers a wide array of authentic Chinese Food, such as Sesame Chicken, Hunan Beef, Egg Roll, Wonton Soup, Vegetable Lo Mein, Four Seasons, Happy Family, & etc.
Try our delicious food and service today. Come in for an Chinese Lunch Special or during evenings for a delicious Chinese style dinner.
If you have any suggestion to our food or service, please go to the customer feedback page and leave us your suggestion or review. We will respond to your suggestion as soon as possible.



Jim J.

Reasonable prices, better than average food for sure.  I'd recommend this place to anyone.   Be aware though that the menu here on yelp is NOT current or even close.   This is the URL provided by the restaurant to get their current menu.goldencityaltamontesprin…


Shanell C.

DO NOT EAT HERE!! I REPEAT, DO NOT EAT HERE! Ordered from them at 12:00 April 3,2019. First off, I have been a loyal customer since 2015. So this review is legit. Ordered Hunan Beef lunch special(which I have ordered before and it was delicious). I got home and as soon as I opened the container there was a weird smell. I decided to try it anyway(which I regret because I'm sick now), and immediately spit out the food. The beef was not fresh which made the vegetables, pork fried rice, and sauce taste badly. The pork in the fried rice was off ass well. I immediately called back and told them and stated is it possible to change the order and not have beef to be on the safe side. The nice lady that is always up front(wears a red), said no problem, will be done in 15 mins. Was barely five minutes I get a call back from her saying that the cook so no to changing my order and no refund! I reminded her that I have been a loyal customer and that I have had human beef before from them and that is not how it taste that the food that was given to me was not fresh. She said the cook said it doesn't matter. So the lady in a read between the lines way said come back to the restaurant to show the cooks the food. I returned back to the restaurant(started recording as soon as I opened the door just in case I get attacked by the cooks), I spoke again to the lady at the register and told her to smell the food. From her facial expressions I could tell that she knew it smelled horrible too. She took it back to the cooks and that's when they started yelling in Chinese which I knew that they were talking about me as they were shaking there heads. The lady came back to me and said they said there is nothing wrong with it but will make you beef and broccoli. I told her I want you and them to understand I'm not coming up here creating a problem but rather let them know that they shouldn't serve the beef or whatever batch that was made for the day because it's bad.  She then again proceeded to talk to them and they were continuously yelling at her which was bad too because she didn't do anything wrong and then when she came back up to the register I said can I just have a refund because I just don't want them to do anything bad to my food if I had them cook something else for me. She said yes and refunded my money back and then apologized again and said they will not listen to me and I told her it was not her fault. The cook was a tall man with a hat and and short lady with glasses. I hope everyone reads this because you can get sick like I am right now. I would give it 0 stars but had to give 1 star to write a review. I would also put the video up but there is no way to do that as well.


Melanie M.

Horrible service I called an hour ago and when I got here I had to wait even though I ordered over the phone and people that ordered in the store AFTER we had gotten there were served before us...not worth it at all.


Odette E.

This is my go-to Chinese food place on Saturdays.  Prices are very reasonable, food is tasty.  They can customize dishes if requested. My kid loves their Lo Mein noodles with pork (without vegetables). I like their egg drop soup and Chicken with broccoli.  Call in advance as they are popular and you may have to wait a bit longer than expected.


Andrea S.

Pretty good Chinese food. I would eat here again. I got the lemon chicken and it was really good.


Eliza C.

For what it is (fast food), it's good. The lunch specials are so reasonably priced for a good amount of food. Sometimes they take awhile to cook your food but it's a good deal! The fried rice is meh. The lo mein is yum! The hot and sour soup is pretty decent. Love the big chunks of mushroom!


Alexa W.

The food was tasty and the delivery guy was super kind. We ordered combo fried rice, egg drop soup (it was sooooooooooo yummy!) and a few other items. It is NYC style Chinese food and I really enjoyed it! Try it out!


Terrell H.

Best place locally for delivery or pickup. Food is always fresh and hot and reasonably priced. Food is seasoned perfect unlike other places where the food is greasy and bland. Drivers are nice and prompt. I have tried 4 other places around me and prefer Golden City over them all.


Asia C.

If you have an option to eat at an another place, do so. I ordered the hunan shrimp with fried rice. I asked for both items to be spicy and none of it was, it wasn't even flavorful. The reviews are extremely misleading.


Aamir L.

Our driver arrived Too late 20 min after stated time of 45 min for delivery 2 miles away from restaurant to house.Had 3 shrimp dishes and 1 scallop dishEach was supposed to a different dishThey all tasted the SAME. Unimpressive food. Yelp reviews need to be more accurate


DaFood C.

Yellow fried rice with no pork. Central Florida has embarrassingly bad Chinese Food and this place is just like the rest. No shame.


Corrine K.

I don't know what you people are smoking, but I been eating golden city many years. Never once was the food cold or tasting like yesterday. I never saw anyone there rude or slow. Give the credit where it's due this food is amazing .


David H.

Honestly in town for a little bit and was craving Chinese food in my Hotel room. Not gonna lie when I first ordered on the phone it was slightly confusing because of the thick accent the person working but they were very polite and repeated themselves. The food honestly got here pretty quick within 20 to 25 minutes, The lady was very nice and courteous and they took card right at the door with her card swiping machine. The food was pretty good , it was good portions and it tasted well and it tasted fresh so I can't complain the only reason it wasn't a five was because it was nothing too special to brag about but overall it was really good and for a great price ! I'll definitely be ordering from them again if I'm back in this area !


Maria M.

This place really sucks. The women cashier/ delivery driver is rude. And also ive witnessed them reheat orders that people didnt come get so they serve it over. And also it is always hot inside their establishnent. Not worth buying.


Lisa W.

Still yummy, still tasty, top notch "fast food" style Chinese food. Have ordered several times since posting my review and had ordered for years and years prior to that.  Spicy Kung Pao Shrimp lunch special is still awesome with substantial shrimp and the Lo Mien is a fav of the hubbys.One quick tip: Have your order organized well prior to calling. The process is quick, so if you haven't made a strong mental note (Steamed rice) to verbally request something (Steamed rice) you might end up with something else (Fried rice). Esp. with the lunch specials, the staff is super quick on and off the phones! Otherwise, orders are always as requested and dish ingredient variances/changes/omissions are always happily accommodated.This is a little take out place tucked into a strip shopping center at Montgomery Rd and 436 in Altamonte Springs- next to the Lens Crafters.


John M.

Amazing  food. I love when places claim to be "New York style" because they never are, but this really is New York style Chinese food. I lived in China Town Queens (Flushing, Queens) for years and this is just like the food my dad and I would get from the corner hole in the wall. I feel like I just stepped off the 7 train and grabbed food on my way home from work. I have come here 100 times before and I'll be back 100 more times.


Becky F.

Food was fresh and cooked to order. Portions plentiful. Get the house style fried rice really good.


Yusuf A.

This place is absolutely awesome and there crab rangoons are amazing. This place knows what they are doing.


Ken C.

There are plenty of places in the Orlando area that claim to have New York style Chinese food, but this is the only one I've tried so far that comes close.  Everything I've tried tastes just like it does back home.Be careful if you order delivery though.  They average about 45 minutes to an hour delivery time and they've recently started to quietly charge an unadvertised delivery fee; There's no mention of it on their menu and they won't tell you about it unless you ask or check the receipt after the fact.


John G.

I'm surprised to see such a low rating for this place maybe I've just been lucky. This is the best Chinese restaurant I've eaten from here in Central FL. I just moved recently from Queens, NY so I'm no stranger to good Chinese. This place is very solid. Everything I've ordered has been top notch. The dumplings aren't so great. I have yet to find dumplings like the ones back home. I'm not expecting anything to be Chinatown good but I'm certainly not an overly tough critic. I really would give this place 4.5 stars if I could. King's Wok in Longwood is the best competition for this place that I've come across so far. I toggle between Golden City and King's wok as my favorites but I haven't tried as many menu items from King's Wok yet. This is my go to Chinese place.

About Golden City Chinese Restaurant and ReviewsAbout Golden City Chinese Restaurant and ReviewsAbout Golden City Chinese Restaurant and Reviews